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Before we changed our brand to Wickford Oyster Co, we were known as End-O-Main Lobster. And YES – you can still buy fresh caught lobsters right at the dock at the end of main street in Wickford, Rhode Island! Take a right into the parking lot and the boat is across the other side of the lot.

From our trap to your table, you’re sure to enjoy our fresh caught lobsters.
Come down to Wickford and visit at End-O-Main Lobster.
Call 401-374-5164 for dock hours & availability.

Did You Know?

Trip Whilden, the Captain, has been a commercial fisherman for over 30 years. He caught his first lobster at 10 years old after moving to Rhode Island from Vermont. His first job in the industry was aboard the Ellen June in Point Judith, R.I., in 1989. Since becoming a commercial fisherman, Whilden has had only one job on land, lasting just one month before returning to the sea. He has been in Wickford since 1990.

In the spring of 2013 he increased his efforts to make waves in the seafood market with his own retail sales business, End-O-Main Lobster Co. in Wickford, R.I. and in February of 2015 he was approved for an Oyster farm lease located on the east side of Fox Island and Wickford Oyster farm was born.

Along with his crew and his boats, the 38-foot Matrix, and the 42-foot Lucy Rose, Whilden has made his location at the Wickford Town Dock at the end of Main street a destination for fresh seafood in the Ocean State.

We catch and pen lobsters, crabs, conch, live fish and grow oysters. You can come down to the dock, pick ’em live, clean ’em and cook ’em. From our trap to your table – that’s as fresh as it gets.

With a quick visit to see Trip and his crew at End-O-Main Lobster Co. & Wickford Oyster Farm in Wickford, Rhode Islanders can enjoy the state’s freshest lobsters and fish at affordable prices while helping a veteran fisherman support his business and his family.